The Many Faces of Harry Beckett A book about his life and music
The Many Faces of Harry BeckettA book about his life and music 

Harry Beckett's compositions (and the albums you'll find them on)

Album Year Title
Flare Up 1970 Flare Up
    Scarlet Mine
    Flow Stream Flow
    Fools Play
Warm Smiles 1971 Harambee
    Tender Is The Sky
    To Me, For Me
    Warm Smiles
    Tomorrow Morning Early
Themes For Fega 1972 Little One
    Spiral Feelings
    Chandeliers And Mirrors
    Cry Of Triumph
    I'm Easy
    Everyone Is Me
    Farewell Fega
Joy Unlimited 1975 No Time For Hello
    Changes Are Still Happening
    Bracelets Of Sound
    Rings Within Rings
    Not Just Tomorrow
Still Happy (LIve) 1974 Bracelets Of Sound
    Still Happy
    No Time For Hello
Memories of Bacares 1975 The Dew At Dawn
    Dreams Come And Go
    Can't Think About It Now
Got It Made 1977 Got It Made
    Time Again
    Jungle Wild
    Spiral Image
    Getting It Right
Arbeia (Kathy Stobart) 1978 As Is
    Enchanted Into Cry Of Triumph
Pictures Of You 1985 What's The Secret
    Pictures Of You
    One Step Ahead
    In Case You Hadn't Heard Mrs Smith Is Here
    The Chosen One
Thunderbolt (The South African Exiles) 1986 Chandeliers And Mirrors
Out Of Many, One People (The Jazz Warriors) 1987 Many Pauses
Grandmother's Teaching (Beckett / Dyani / McGregor / Mazur) 1987 Have You Noticed Spring Is A Good Time
    Put It Right
    Cosy'N Rosy
Les Jardins Du Casino 1987 Cosy'N Rosy
Live, Vol. II (with Courtney Pine 1987 Have You Noticed Spring Is A Good Time
Bremen Concert 1987 Cosy'N Rosy
    Happy 96
Put It Right Mr Smoothie (Anglo Italian Quartet) 1990 Put It Right Mr Smoothie
    I Wish
Echoez of (with Pierre Dorge) 1990 Which Is Where
    Shadow Light
    From The Outside In
    One Or More
All Four One 1991 White Sky
    Time Of Day
    One For All
    The Shadowy Light
    Happy 96
    Images Of Clarity
Passion And Possession 1991 For You, For Me
    Almost Unchanged
    Forgive 'N' Forget
    Some Times Ago
    The Time Keeper
    Passion And Possession
    The Question
    Floating Crystals
    It Happens More And More
Images Of Clarity (with Levallet, Marsh) 1992 Images Of Clarity
    Put It Right Mr Smoothie
    For You, For Me
    Changing Times
    More In, More Out
Moon Of Roses (Various) 1993 A Moon Of Roses
    More In, More Out
Twice Upon A Time (Anglo Italian Quartet) 1995 Tinsel Town
    The Time Keeper
    More In, More Out
    Above And Below
Compared 2 What? 1995 Compared 2 What?
Tribute To Charles Mingus 1999 Next Up
    Intimate Feelings
Before And After 1999 Conditions
    Tinsel Town
    Another Time
    Forgive 'N' Forget
    Then As Now
    Before And After
The Unexpected (Paul Hazel) 2002 Tinsel Town
Jurgen Wuchner Group feat. Harry Beckett 2003 Tinsel Town
Another Time In Belgium (The Wrong Object Meets Harry Beckett) 2005 Another Time
    Scarlet Mine
    Tinsel Town
Platform One (The Wrong Object) 2007 Scarlet Mine
    Tinsel Town
The Modern Sound Of Harry Beckett 2008 Something Special
    Ultimate Tribute
    Fantastic Things
    The Storyteller
    Facing It
    Rise & Shine (Cry Of Triumph)
    The Forgotten Man
    Out Of The Blue
    Switch Up!
    Like You Didn't Know
    Are You Sitting Comfortably?


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